Profile Type: Public Halls/Clubs
Location: Dieppe, New Brunswick

Within the midst of a booming residential market a local developer undertakes a bold gesture and creates a signature residential development around a Graham Cook 18 hole golf course with an 8800 sq, ft clubhouse as it’s centerpiece.

The goal is to design an iconic clubhouse that will set the tone for the residential; a clubhouse that will project a warmth and charm, inviting all residents and golfers alike to partake of its facilities.

This project demonstrates the importance of dialogue between building and site with each component informing the other. Set on the high ground overlooking several key holes the clubhouse is viewed from all angles, providing a major focal element to golfers and residents alike.

The architecture demonstrates an understanding of efficiency and economy of design all the while maximizing the setting and views that have become so valued to the members and residents of Fox Creek.