Profile Type: Tourist Villages
Location: Bouctouche, New Brunswick

Situated on 16 hectares of land on the edge of the Bouctouche River, this “tourist village” is inspired by the fictional character of La Sagouine, an Acadian char woman. A 300 m serpentine wooden pedestrian bridge connects the island, “L’ile aux Puces”, to the mainland creating two village settings. Facing the island and arranged like a cluster of barns around an open amphitheater set into the hill, is an Interpretation Center, Restaurant, Boutiques and an Observation Tower. On the island, the houses of La Sagouine and her neighbours are surrounded by wood decking, and are built on stilts like many fishing shacks found in Acadia.

The range buildings vary in size from 2.8 m² to 520 m². All are wood frame construction clad with cedar shingles, spruce, pine, cedar and metal siding. They are finished in a mix of brightly painted colors, and naturally weathered shingles and clapboards. The architectural style of this tourist park creates a traditional and colorful “village” backdrop for the stage depiction of Acadian culture and humor in music and verse.