Profile Type: Residential
Location: Moncton, New Brunswick

The Université de Moncton is committed to the creation of a residential prescient and to this end a planning exercise identified the site for 2 new residential buildings. The Residence Médard-Collette is the first of two. The Project is situated adjacent the Léopold Taillon facility.

In response to the planning exercise the building creates a focal point adjacent the Taillon entrance facilitating the ease of travel between facilities. Secondly the building provides 84–2 bed self contained suites in essentially 4 stories of building.

This project was given a very tight budget along with an equally ambitious building schedule. This necessitated the need to optimize wood frame construction and maximize its potential.

Architecturally the building is L shaped. The main entrances are located at the intersection of two wings which contains the core services while breaking down the low-rise solution into two acceptable residential components.

The plan allows for an open ended vista along the corridors of both wings and each suite is accessed via its own recessed bay entry of the corridor further enhancing the feel and quality of the residential experience.

Essentially a 4 and a half story wood frame structure with a masonry clad exterior, the building comes off every bit as solid and stable as a non combustible structure. Hooked into the University heating grid and fed with natural gas the project sets an efficient example.