Interesting facts about the Kent Distribution Centre, Moncton, NB


One of Architects Four’s industrial projects is the Kent DC. We think of it as a large building, but sometimes it’s hard to visualize just how big it is. Here are some interesting facts to illustrate the scale of the facility.

There are 380,240 square feet or 8.73 acres of roofing, which includes about 3,841 rolls of cap sheet membrane, and about 2,587 rolls of base sheet membrane. If laid end to end, base and cap sheet rolls would stretch more than 77 kilometers, and have a combined weight, membranes only, of 280 tons.

Rigid board insulation used throughout (under floor, on roof, in precast) totals about 2,817,500 board feet, enough to cover 19.7 acres in a 1″ thickness.  If stacked in a single pile of 4 x 8 foot sheets, the insulation would reach a height of 7,337 feet or 2.24 kilometers.

The total length of caulk joints, in precast panels only, is 17,950 feet in length or 5.4 kilometers.

If the warehouse were to be filled with water from top of floor slab to underside of deck, its’ volume would hold more than 300 million liters or 80 million US gallons, enough water to provision the population of Greater Moncton for a week. (124,050 users x 340 liters per day, per City of Moncton data.)