Profile Type: Transport
Location: Dieppe, New Brunswick

Our vision for a new multi-functional building at Greater Moncton International Airport was a facility that is both highly functional and a signature building within the Air Cargo Village. The clearly defined approach to the building segregates traffic into passenger vehicle and transport traffic. A simple approach and transition to entry, by either as a client, worker or transport, ensures ready access to the building, and ties in with our philosophy of clear wayfinding. Smaller gestures, such as a clearly identifiable entrance structure and the use of landscaping materials will add to the inviting sense of transition from exterior to the interior. That intent flows through to the interiors, brightly lit with generous daylighting and laid out in a simple, easy to navigate plan.

The building distinguishes itself as a state-of-the-art facility with a simple, modern aesthetic, balancing industrial elements with that of the office modules. The facility’s volumes tell the story of its internal functions, where office components are defined as distinct pieces set against the larger backdrop of the warehouse spaces. Our palette of cladding materials further differentiates the internal functions; transparent curtainwall cladding on the offices contrasts strongly with pre-insulated metal panels enclosing warehouse volumes. The transparent cylindrical on the side of the office tower sets off the entry to the building, and houses the tower’s core elements, and is designed to be the connection point to future expansion of the offices.

The facility has a great opportunity to expand on the use of green technologies and could easily achieve a Green Globes Certification (an internationally recognized standard), a point of considerable merit. The warehouse intended as a cold storage facility already requires the reuse of throw-away heat energy, so an expanded feature set and the benefits of a green development are powerful marketing tools for a high quality work environment, offers a significant Return on Investment and source of great pride for the developers.